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I wanted to give you an update, Kayla has been going really well, she is starting to sleep better and is becoming more tolerant of some foods and even when she has too much of something she is not dropping to the ground suddenly lacking energy.
I really want to say thank you so much for all your help, you are the first health professional that has actually helped us see visible improvement in her health.

Melanie, Mum of Kayla (3)

Childhood reflux and food intolerance

I sought help for a severe reflux problem I have had since my early teens. Since the 2nd visit with Kelli I have not had any reflux! The constant heaviness in my head has also gone. I have lost 11kg and 12cm off my waist measurement in 6 months and feel great now that I’m not up late at night waiting for my gut to settle. My blood pressure was high, but has reduced and is continuing to improve. I’m now enjoying life much more and have more energy for my kids.

Joe, 35

Reflux problems gone

I have been very grateful for your support and surprised at the improvement in my health. I thought I was fairly healthy and the allergies and discomfort after eating was just something I had to live with.
I was very surprised to find that with some dietary changes and supplements I was, after a couple of months, able to discontinue some medications and am feeling much better and have more energy. I did not know if I could cope with the changes to diet at first but have found it to be well worthwhile and find having some occasional other foods can be tolerated now my system has recovered health.

Once again, many thanks, Kelli.

Jenny, 59

Improved health and vitality

Approximately five months ago I sought the assistance of Kelli for weight loss and management of type 2 diabetes. Under Kelli’s guidance I have lost 13.6 kg and with the introduction of the correct natural supplements I have seen my morning blood sugar readings drop from 10 to 5! Kelli has always been willing to work with me, supporting the changes I can manage and not expecting anything unrealistic. Kelli’s methods of tracking my changes and progress have also been encouraging. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Dean, 38

Management of Diabetes and Weight loss

I have been very happy with all the advice and support you have given me during the last few months, which has enlightened me more about keeping myself in good health. Thanks again for treating me and bringing my health back to a much happier place, I will make every effort to keep it that way.

Catherine, 47

Restored health and staying that way

Recently I consulted Kelli because I was trying hard to lose some weight that
wouldn’t budge. Kelli pinpointed my problem straight away… bad bacteria in the gut.
Who would have picked that to be the problem! After running a course of tablets
to stabilise the bacterial problem the weight just fell off. I can proudly state that I
have lost 13 kgs in four months and it has been so easy. Even following Kelli’s
dietary plan for me has been so easy to stick to. People at work, friends and family
are astounded by how good I look now and I feel great – so many have themselves
gone to see Kelli after seeing what I have achieved. I would highly recommend the
services of Kelli.

Susan, 42

Weight Loss Success

When I started seeing Kelli, I had already been to two naturopaths, three chiropractors, two doctors, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner and a specialist at the RAH. No one could get me results. I had been severely bloated for almost 6 years. My body swelled up and I felt sick everytime I ate or exercised. I seemed to be allergic or reacting to everything. I saw Kelli and she did some blood tests, diagnostic tests, bacterial tests etc. She discovered I had a severe bacterial infection in the gut, one of the worst she had seen. She treated the bacterial infection and cleared it completely.
I am thrilled with the results so far! I have lost 7.5 kilos, had a major increase in my energy levels, my focus and concentration have improved and my friends keep telling me how good my skin looks. My thighs have not looked this good since I was in my twenties. My metabolic age is down to 18! I have the energy to tackle energetic cardio workouts, before I got tired walking at a snails speed on my treadmill.

Chanel, 33

Increased energy and digestive relief

Just want to say how much better I am since receiving assistance with menopause symptoms. I am sleeping so much better and not having as many hot flushes. Thanks so much, feeling 100 percent.

Mary-Anne, 62

Help with menopause

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