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In our initial consultation, I will spend time with you hearing about your symptoms and concerns and conduct any relevant examination. As a holistic health practitioner, I will consider all aspects of your health, family history, diet and lifestyle and their impact on your current wellbeing. Together we can determine your health priorities and goals and get you on your way to feeling better with a treatment plan specific to you!

Follow up appointments are important. They allow me to assess changes and improvements in your health and adjust treatment accordingly, ensuring safe and effective treatment at all stages of care. Monitoring your progress carefully is important to ensure that you continue to get well and stay well.

Individualised treatment plans are provided at appointments, outlining evidence-based dietary and lifestyle strategies and any supplement recommendations that would benefit you. Your treatment plan may also include referrals for tests that would give further insight into your health picture and help direct treatment.

Some people have straight forward issues that resolve quickly, while others with more complex or chronic issues can take months and sometimes years to resolve.

My aim is to see you get the best results as quickly as possible at the least cost to you.

Kelli Kieselbach Naturopath Nutritionist


My Approach to treatment

    My approach to treatment involves identifying and treating the cause of ill health, not just the symptoms and providing the body with what it needs to restore balance and promote healing. I take a person-centred approach, recognising you as an individual with unique needs and aim to educate and empower you to know your body better and build healthier habits for your body, mind and soul.

    Diet Therapy

    Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Every cell, organ, hormone and enzyme in our body is derived from substances that we get from what we eat and drink and we cannot function well without enough of the right “goodies”.

    Unfortunately with our modern lifestyle and western diet we too often ingest things that can disrupt processes that are essential for staying well and feeling alive. This is often referred to as toxicity. It’s for this reason that dietary advice and education is crucial to any treatment.

    Herbal Medicine

    Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries all over the world as the main source of “medicine”. Many herbs/plants are now gaining a great deal of attention from the scientific community as we discover more about how they work and their effectiveness.

    Herbal medicines can be prepared as tablets, teas or liquid preparations and are useful in both balancing and enhancing many processes in the body.

    Lifestyle Coaching

    The effects of our modern lifestyle are becoming more and more recognised as significant contributing factors to many conditions and general lack of vitality. Toxins, sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor sleep are contributing to the toxic load we bare in our bodies.

    Rest, Relaxation and appropriate exercise are crucial for staying well and preventing disease. Guidance on how to implement these is an important aspect of treatment.

    Nutritional Suppliments

    Sometimes a diet analysis and health assessment may reveal nutritional deficiencies or conditions that have been shown to benefit from good quality supplementation of specific nutrients.

    In this case extra support with supplementation may be required while we are addressing the diet. I only use products that are of the highest quality choosing the best formulations to suit your individual needs.



    Initial Consult


    60 minutes

    *nutritional and herbal supplements, if required, are not included in consultation fee.




    30 mins

    *nutritional and herbal supplements, if required, are not included in consultation fee.

    Rebates from some private health funds may apply for Nutrition appointments.
    Please check with your health fund prior to your appointment.
    Please let me know on arrival of your appointment if you wish to claim.


    I’d love to hear from you!

    As your Naturopath and Nutritionist, it is my aim to support and empower you on your way to better health. Start your journey today!

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