Helping your kids to eat a nutritious diet at a young age is important to make sure they have all the building blocks they need to grow, and grow well. Not only this but when kids learn to eat a variety of healthy food at a young age it sets them up for healthy food habits as adults.


Unfortunately, as Mum’s and Dad’s it can become difficult in the midst of all the other parenting duties to provide healthy options to our constantly ‘starving’ children! Here are my top 10 ideas for no fuss, quick and easy snacks for kids.


1. Fresh fruit

So this may seem like an obvious one, but it had to be my number one since it is so quick , versatile and easy to be creative with. Organic is best to reduce kid’s exposure to pesticides, but buying local and in season is the next best thing if organic is not available.


2. Natural Yoghurt with sunflower seeds, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) & frozen berries

Any kind of seeds can be added to make a fun texture for kids. Ground nuts and seeds such as LSA mix might be better for really young kids. These ingredients can also be thrown into a blender with some milk of your choice to make a delicious smoothie.


3. mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes

Mini cucumbers are crisp, fresh and can be a great snack that kids can grab from the fridge in seconds. They are great for snacks on the run and a good way to get another serve of veg into them. Throw a chunk of capsicum and a few cherry toms in for good measure.


4. Veggie fritters

Okay, so this one does take some preparation, but if you make a whole batch you’ll have them for several days. Grate up your favourite vegetables (about 4 cups) and combine with 2 eggs, ½ cup of olive oil and 1 cup of SR flour and place in a sandwhich toastie maker until firm & golden brown. You can use gluten free SR flour if your child has diet restrictions. Veggies I use are sweet potato, onion, celery, carrot, capsicum and zucchini. To save on time I use a grater blade in my food processor to grate the veg.


5. Celery with cottage cheese, chia seeds and paprika

They can dip the celery into the cottage cheese or mix a small spoon of chia seeds into cottage cheese and fill the celery stalk, topping with paprika. Can’t have dairy? Try some hummus (see recipe), almond paste or fresh (no added sugar & oils) peanut paste. You can find freshly ground peanut paste with no added extras in many Health food shops.


6. Choc yummy balls (see recipe)

As with the veggie fritters, these take some preparation (10 mins). Once made however, you have a batch for the week. Although I must admit these never last the week in our house!


7. Boiled egg

Eggs are full of protein and good fats necessary for healthy development of the brain and muscles. If boiled, the eggs can be kept in the fridge for a few days ready to grab when the need arises.


8. Rice cake with avocado and tuna

Tasty treat, again with great protein and fats for children’s development.


9. Banana and chia seed cupcakes (see recipe)

I love these cupcakes. They are so easy and require very little sugar due to the sweetness of the banana. They are more satisfying and nutritious due to the higher protein and fat content and they are gluten free.


10. Veggie sticks and dip

Kids love to dip things! A hummus or just some plain yoghurt or cottage cheese with their veg is much more appetising than the veg on its own. Here’s a tip. After you have done your fruit and veg shopping, wash and chop up some veggie sticks to have in the fridge ready to go at the drop of a hat. In a sealed container with some water to cover them they should stay fresh for a few days.


About the author:

Kelli Kieselbach is the Naturopath and owner at Adonai Natural Health Clinic in the North East suburbs of Adelaide, SA. Kelli is passionate about restoring health and preventing disease using nutrition and herbal medicines. As a Naturopath, Kelli uses her skills clinically to empower clients of all ages to achieve better health and quality of life.

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