Meet Kelli Kieselbach (Naturopath), Adonai Natural Health, St Agnes, SA.  Kelli is a Qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist who has a special interest in Mood & Stress, Fatigue and Digestive Complaints.


Q. Why did you choose a profession in naturopathy?
I wanted to be able to support people on their journey to health in a way that was holistic, dealing with the causes and respecting the individual person. I discovered Naturopathy through my own health challenges and it offered all of these things and was remarkably effective in many areas. My discovery of natural therapies empowered me and offered hope which was not something I experienced through orthodox medicine. The integration of a holistic philosophy and effective treatments fit perfectly with what I wanted to do.

Q. What special area of complementary medicine gets you excited?
I am really interested in the role of nutrition and herbal medicines in supporting mood. With depression, anxiety and stress destroying the quality of life of so many sufferers it is really exciting to see how Naturopathy can significantly improve these conditions with safe and often simple remedies.

Q. Briefly, tell me about an exceptional result you were able to achieve with a client?
I saw a lady who was trying to lose weight, but had plateaued and just couldn’t lose any more. We identified some gut issues and a sluggish liver. I put her on a weight loss meal plan and gave her a probiotic and herbal supplement to support her liver function. On her 2nd visit, a week later she had already lost 2kg and was feeling great, with more energy and her bloating had improved 80%. I saw her regularly for the next 4 months and in that time her bloating completely disappeared, her energy continued to improve and she lost a total of 13kg.
Q. If I was looking to take a much needed health break to regenerate and start fresh, where would you recommend I go?
I always choose the beach for a re-energising get away.  Preferably a beach some  distance from the city. I love the Yorke Peninsula.

Q. What is the book you most recommend to clients to read?
Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food: An eater’s manifesto. It gives a fantastic history of how the western diet became what it is today and inspires us to get back to eating real food.

Q. What are your top 3 tips to obtain better health?
– Get adequate rest – Don’t work late at night & get to bed by 10pm
– Stay active – Exercise outside and get some fresh air & vitamin D at the same time
– Eat fresh food – Make the majority of what you eat packet free;-)

Now, about you?

Q. What would you eat in a normal day?
Breakfast always involves fresh fruit and either yoghurt with berries, pepitas, sunflower seeds and chia seeds, or an omelette or poached egg with veggies.
Lunch; a salad with tuna in summer and often leftovers in winter.
Dinner varies a lot because I get bored easily, but there’s always lots of veggies or salads with a rotation of fish, legumes, red meat and occasionally chicken.
I do like the odd snack. Nuts, fresh fruit, homemade protein balls or hummus & veg sticks are my usuals.

Q. Do you have any weaknesses in the food department?
I love Dark chocolate and good quality cheese.:-)

Q. What are you reading at the moment?
The majority of my reading is the latest news in health and complementary medicine.

Q. What would you most like to see happen in Australia/World when it comes to health and wellness?
As a practitioner and a mother, I would love to see stricter regulations on junk food advertising, especially toward children. Parents have enough to contend with without having to compete with marketing that is cleverly and deliberately formulated to attract children.
Food distributed equally. The western world has so much food, it is estimated that the average household throws out approximately 1/3 of the food they buy while millions are still suffering without enough to eat.

Thank you for sharing Kelli.

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