Assessment Tools

BIA Body Composition Test

This is a painless, quick and non-invasive test which looks at your fat to muscle ratio, hydration, metabolic age, cardiovascular disease risk markers and individual calorie requirements. The full-colour, detailed report enables you to see your improvements throughout your health program.

Live Blood Analysis

This gives us a microscopic view of what is going on in your blood. With it we gain insight into the health of your red and white blood cells. We look at a drop of blood from the finger under a microscope and using hematology parameters we can assess cell quality, inflammation and possible nutritional deficiencies.

Food Detective – In clinic food sensitivity testing

Food Detective is a simple, safe and accurate test that measures your IgG anti-body response to several foods. This helps determine specific foods or food groups that may be contributing or causing symptoms such as fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems, migraines, sleep disturbances, mal-absorption and others. We analyse one drop of blood from the finger and results are obtained within 40minutes.

Functional pathology testing

In some cases further testing through an independent laboratory service may be recommended to gain further insight into hormone levels and gastrointestinal function.

Other tests

Indicans Test – A urine test measuring a substance produced by ‘bad bugs’ in the gut, a sign of intestinal bacteria imbalance or gut toxicity.

Ketostix – Test strips for measuring ketones in the urine, a sign of fat burning during weight loss.

pH Testing – A tool to monitor the bodies pH.